Issue No. 1 S/S 2017

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Phile Magazine Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2017

Phile is a biannual journal exploring sexual subcultures, trends, and communities both obscure and well known from an overarching, sociological point of view.

Issue one features contributions from @highendhooker, AA Bronson, Adrienne Kammerer, Alon Schwabe, Andrea Flockhart, Andrew B. Myers, Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, Bibbe Hansen, Bruce LaBruce, Cait Mckinney, Chris Frape, Christopher O. McCarter, Colby Keller, Daniel Fernández Pascual, Daniel Kok, Daniel Shea, Darby Milbrath, Dennis Cooper, Fan Wu, Gio Black Peter, Hazel Meyer, Jeremy Runnalls, Johnny, Luke George, Magdalena Suksi, Mark Peckmezian, Matt Lambert, Matt Tammaro, Megan Kiantos, Michelle LeFade, Mike Feswick, Molly Matalon, Sholem Krishtalka, Sir_ZentaiMan, Slava Mogutin, Susanna Paasonen, Tairan An, Whitney Mallett, and Yael Malka